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Project leader Thomas Thum receives prestigious Outstanding Investigator Award

Thum ISHR Presentation
Project Leader Prof. Thomas Thum giving his Outstanding Investigator Award lecture at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the European Section of the International Society for Heart Research (ISHR) in Bordeaux.

Thomas was awarded the prestigious prize for his
"research on non-coding RNAs in cardiovascular research and associated fields of research" that "provided new insight into the mode of action of various pathologies of the heart. He has developed major breakthroughs in both diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for cardiac diseases. Overall, his successful track record as a scientific investigator, translational scientist and Institute Director has established him as a leader in cardiovascular sciences."

Thomas joins Peter Carmeliet (2002), Issei Komuro (2003), Eric Olson (2005), Joseph Loscalzo (2006), Matthias Gautel (2009), Jeffery D. Molkentin (2010), Walter Koch (2011), Thomas Eschenhagen (2012), Deepak Srivastava (2013) and Asa Gustafsson (2014) in ISHR's Hall of Fame.

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